About us

Creations is a social enterprise – a nonprofit store supporting individuals with disabilities. We began in 2015, selling gifts and happiness from our store in the heart of the downtown Madison, CT shopping district. In 2020, with the pandemic at the forefront, we opened our online store.

We sell ethically sourced products from more than 180 makers from around the United States and the world. You will find beautiful, uncommon and imaginative work that merges functionality, entertainment, handcrafted quality, and passion.

Each item has within it something that sets it apart. It may be the values or personal narrative of the artist. It could be an interesting story behind a family business. Or it might be a business practice we applaud, such as sustainability or fair labor practices…ethics drive our business.

These values are emblazoned on the walls of the store and are what you see when you land on this website. Each of our gifts reflects these values. Each item is carefully chosen to reflect not only the recipient in mind, but also how the maker created it.

Creations supports Vista Life Innovations (vistalifeinnovations.org) and its mission of assisting individuals with disabilities to live independent and successful lives. Proceeds from the store support this mission and you will see members of Vista Life Innovations working at the store. To learn more about Vista and Creation's shared mission and to support our programs and services, click the button below.

We invite you to join us in shopping well and doing good. Make your gift giving meaningful enough to be felt around the world.